Jumoke Kers, known as “Jummy,” is a compassionate philanthropist who firmly believes that no child should be left unprotected or exposed to any form of danger. Her mission is to champion the rights of children who find themselves abandoned, neglected, and in the shadows due to the loss of their parents.

With a heart full of kindness, Jummy aspires to turn her dreams into reality. Her deepest wish is to assist impoverished, underprivileged, and neglected children, and she has taken it upon herself to extend a helping hand to them, one child at a time.

In 2018, Jummy founded the Jummy Orphanage Foundation in Nigeria, transforming her aspirations into a tangible force for good. She finds it unacceptable to simply go through life while ignoring the plight of a child hidden away in darkness. As a Nigerian residing in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, she also devotes her time and energy as a dedicated volunteer at the “Middin – De Provenier Disability Center,” serving as an activity support specialist.

Jummy strongly believes that compassion must be translated into action, and she believes that help should be given unconditionally to people of all ages. She urges every adult to recognize that every child deserves to experience a childhood filled with joy and peace.


Giving every child our undivided attention and genuine parental love.   

NO to child negligence.